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With Tig, Mig and Gas welding facilities we can undertake most welding jobs – along with some brazing too.

Our experienced welders can provide the finish you require and a price that is right. We have full finishing facilities and can grain, polish or bead blast your components.

We have manufactured everything from pressure vessels, water tanks, security posts, monitoring equipment and even the odd BBQ.

High Temperature Materials

Not only are we experienced in the welding of standard materials, we are also very experienced with welding high temperature materials along with specialist stainless steel.

As subcontractors, we weld everything from boxes, frames to complex shapes and assemblies.


On some projects, spotwelding is a far better solution for a faster process with less distortion. We have two spot-welders and either use jigs and fixtures or for smaller quantities will undertake some marking out. We also use stud welding for the addition of weld studs and bushes.