What We Do

Services we provide

With lasercutting, punching and folding and welding we can meet your requirements whatever the size of your production run. From high volume manufacture to one off prototypes we can accommodate them all.


Quick delivery lasercutting from all materials particularly stainless steel

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Folding and Forming

Cambridge Rapid has three press brakes which enable us to match the capacity of the laser and punching machine

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Design and Prototyping

Cambridge Rapid can get involved with sheet metal design projects at any time during the design process.

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Mechanical Assembly

Cambridge Rapid offers an assembly service - from small labels to full assemblies

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With Tig, Mig and Gas welding facilities we can undertake most welding jobs - along with some brazing too.

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Cambridge Rapid have a Trumpf Trupunch 1000, which has 15 stations along with a 10 station multi-tool.

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Quality and Speed

We provide quality metalwork with rapid lead times. Mixing low volume production with high volume means that we are adaptable and can respond to customer requirements.


About us

A team you can count on

We know what makes us different, from engineers to apprentices the company ethos is embedded throughout the company.

  • Culture of excellence
  • Well trained and qualified
  • Achieve ‘anything’ attitude
  •   Build long term relationships
  • Quality in everything
  • Diverse & Inclusive


We undertake design and prototyping, small production runs to high volume manufacture – all at a competitive price.

If we haven’t worked with a particular file type we find a way too. We regularly use .dxf .dwg .sldprt .slddrw .stp. However we also work with sketches, photos and even concepts!

We have been working in stainless steel for many years, but will work in all metals. We have some great supply partners which means our materials are sourced ethically and for a good price.

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We understand our customers’ needs and build strong ties that lead to long term relationships built on trust. With a culture of continuous improvement, lean manufacturing and ISO9001, we care about every item we produce, every customer that we serve and every member of staff on our team. Our modern facilities and technologically advanced equipment means that our environment is not only safe, but efficient which means that we can provide the best possible service.


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